Stop #4 – The Kitchen – Beginner, Intermediate, Expert & Girls Coverage

Eddie Rovi Winner Expert Class
Eddie Rovi – Winner Expert Class

The Battle for rages on as we made the trek to South Bend, Indiana to visit the gigantically amazing skatepark the Brett Banasiewicz built nearly 6 years ago.  The fine folks at the kitchen hosted yet another amazing event for both AM’s and the visiting Pros were in town for a crazy finals that went down on Sunday directly after the #RideforGlenn Street Jam.

The weekend was action packed with BMX family’s and supporters alike in attendance.  Saturday we saw all the AM Classes ride, Sunday was Girls, Old Fools, The Glenn Salyers Street Jam, we wrapped the day up with PRO Finals.

Thank all of you who support these events, we plan to make this series bigger and better over the years.

 Beginner / Intermediate / Expert Judges
Josh Orr - Nick Summerlot - Mark Flip

Girls Judges
Josh Orr - Bill Nitschke - Mark Flip
 Photos / Video
Teddy Pieper /

Special Thanks: 
Brett Banasiewicz & The Kitchen Volunteers
Bill Nitschke
The Roberts Family

The Maddog


1. Peyton Fleming 2. Tyris Yoder 3. Benjamin Kramer 4. DJ Martin
5. Ethan Potts
6. Austin Snyder
7. Corey Graves
8. Jordan Charles
9. Chris Stevenson
Peyton Fleming
DJ Martin
Finals Riders Meeting
Beginer Photo Set
1. David Ousterhouse 2. Oliver Foster 3. Hayden Claeys
4. Tommy Pritchard
5. Sonit Charles
6. Riley Busse
7. Zach Roberts
8. Brett Banasiewicz (Conceded)
9. Jake Bessmann
10. Joey Glover
11. Caleb Graves
12. Clayton Fetters
13. David Landow
14. Matt Keen
15. Matt Michalski (Tie)
15. Ryan Haney (Tie)
17. Gage Lewis
18. Robert Hanson
19. Matthew Buchneer
20. Aiden Amburgey
David Ousterhouse
Brett Banasiewicz Killed it and then conceded his place in the finals!
Hayden Claeys
Oliver Foster
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IMG_05011. Eddie Rovi 2. Dylan Densow 3. Nico Vanderheyden

4. Tyler Lichkay
5. Hannah Roberts
6. Jaden Chipman
7. Alec Rutherford 
8. Dillon Bell
9. Dakota Christopherson
10. Jacob Short
11. Devon Fish
12. Devon Roth
13. Camden Krivak
14. Chris Chamberlin
Eddie Rovi
Dylan Densow
Nico Vanderheyden
Hannah Roberts
Expert Photo Set
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1. Hannah Roberts 2. Brooke Betancourt 3. Sarah Dinel
4. Hailey Robbins
5. Trista Hartman
6. Caitlin Rasivk
7. Lauren Roberts
We all have this look because Brett is yelling at us for some reason!
Hannah Roberts
Brooke Bettancourt
Brooke Betancourt
Sarah Dinel
Sarah Dinel
Girls Photo Set

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