Interviewed: Chase Pauza

Interviewed: Chase Pauza

Chase Pauza May 2015

Interviewer:  Jordan “Radney” Bowen

All Photographs:  Josh Olszowka

Q: How old are you?

17 years of age

Q: Where do you live/ride?

I live in Vernon Hills. It’s a small town that’s about 45 minutes west of Chicago. There are some awesome concrete spots like Northbrook and Euclid that are 20 minutes away from my house. And some secret trails haha!

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Q:  Who do you ride with?

Richie White, Dylan Densow, Ol’ Papa P, and my boy Zac Brooks!

Q:  What is going on in your BMX scene?

Awesome sessions with great people! I try riding whenever I can. Also, shouts to Josh Dyal for letting me session his mini! He’s a great dude.

DSC_3158 copys Q:   What does BMX mean to you?

BMX is my life and it has been since I was really young. I started off racing BMX when I was 4 and I loved that. In 2010 I really got into the freestyle side of riding and it was over after that. I knew that was really what I wanted to do as long as possible. So, that’s where we’re at now!

Q:   What does Midwest BMX mean to you?

I feel like that’s my home. I’ve always lived in the Midwest, and the scene has been great.  A lot of awesome dudes and contests have come out of the area and I think it’s awesome I can be apart of it.

Q:    Park, street, or dirt?

 I really just love riding my bike. Dirt takes me back to my racing roots and a nice flowing park is a treat. But I do enjoy my fair share of rails.

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Q:   Who stands out in BMX in your mind, and why?

Obliviously guys like Matt Hoffman and Dave Mirra. They really paved a path for the sport. I love watching Dennis Enarson because he can ride anything and destroy it. Colton Walker is pushing the sport to places never thought possible. Greg Dickson is always shredding so I love watching him ride! And Mike DiNello is always cooking up some front brake magic so that is really cool to watch.

Q:   What do you believe BMX needs more of? Less of?

BMX needs more harmony. It’s kind of seeming like there is a clash between different disciplines of riding and I find it weird because we all are just big kids riding bikes. And more contests like the ones in the older Props videos. BMX needs less fly-out tricks hahaha.

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Q:    What’s going on for you outside of BMX?

At the moment I’m working really hard at school. Junior year is tough with a lot of the traveling I do so when I am home, I’m working on my studies.

Q:     How was “The Battle for Midwest BMX” Series this year? 

The Battle for Midwest BMX Series is a great series! Even though I was only able to make it to 2 stops, they were great and I can’t wait for next year!

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Q:    Any cool places you’ve traveled to lately?   What are you favorite places to ride?

I recently went to Toronto for the X-Jam which was an amazing experience. I love riding all over and going to different parks so anywhere new is good with me.  Joyride 150 is one of the best parks I’ve been to though.

Q:     Any of those things called sponsors?   How did they come about?

I’m sponsored by Monster Army, Living Death Apparel, Spy Optic, Odi Grips, and Ogio Luggage.  Monster was a very unique opportunity because they offered to interview me for a series they had and presented the possibility for sponsorship, so I had to jump on that! Living Death is a clothing company started by my good riding friend, so I’m stoked to be representing them! The other sponsors came from Hookit, which is an awesome program to help get recognition.
 DSC_3395copysQ:    Any shout outs and why?  

We’ll first off, I would like to thank my Dad for taking me to the skatepark whenever he can and taking me to all of these contests.  I would defiantly not be where I am, riding wise, without him.  Richie White is always at the park pushing me to do some new crazy stuff, so shouts to him. Also, Josh Olszowka for taking the best pictures of anyone!


Chris Pauza – Chases Dad!

Q:  15.  Anything else you’d like to add here?

 I would really like to thank Radney for giving me the chance to do this interview. I would also like to thank everyone who has helped me get to where I am today. I cant wait to see what the future holds!

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Go fast, hold on, and send her!! -Chase Pauza 

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