The Battle for Midwest BMX Finals at Ohio Dreams


Tree Bicycles Rider Alex Liebrock – Winner Open Class


Josh Orr | Jake Hattaway | Danny Rumple

Words: Rich Hoppe | Photos: TedisGraphic

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The Battle began in Fort Wayne, Indiana at the Fort Wayne Indoor back in January.  February took us to the magnificent Kitchen BMX & Skatepark in South Bend, Indiana, March brought on a new stop for the Battle with the fine folks over in Youngstown, Ohio at Wedgewood Ramps.  The Finals at Ohio Dreams Action Sports Camp over in the absolute middle of nowhere Ohio is by far the best place for us to wrap up a 4 month-long Battle for Midwest BMX.   Butler, Ohio is actually the closest town to Ohio Dreams but when you go to camp there all you see and feel is the massive compound with fun stuff around every single hill and corner.   Huge Thanks to Chris & Justin for  opening up the doors at Ohio Dreams for us to come and have some fun on a sunny April day.  It was actually so nice out that most had a run on the outside park course.

The series really came to life this year as we saw nearly 50 people entering the comps at each stop.  Some notables this year have been for sure the entire crew from Canada that have came out as family, and have really helped make this series what is was designed to be.  Something to look forward to, something to set goals for in the future, and most of all something to help push the sport of BMX in a good direction.  I grew up racing BMX and the freestyle side of things were just getting started, there was no skateparks to ride at all.  Back then, my BMX friends and family would travel all over for races and riding.

The idea behind this series was to help out with getting some coverage for parks as well as providing a 4 month calendar to plan out good times with the current BMX Family and you all have not disappointed, I’ve gotten to know a lot of you and your family’s.  In turn we all have fun together and I look forward to seeing all of you at every contest we put on.  Thanks to the people who keep it real and help me run this show, thanks to Josh Orr, Bill Nitschke, Jake Hattaway, Danny Rumple, & Teddy Pieper for helping out this year with the back-end of things like judging, emcee help, photo & video work etc.  Next year will be the 5th year in the Battle for Midwest BMX and we want to come at it with a bigger and better experience for all, a big sponsor would help out!

One more Thank You goes out to all the parents, riders, and supporters who drive all over creation to hang out with us for a sometimes super long day of BMX Action!

The Series Points Winners in classes, Beginner, Intermediate, and Expert each received a FREE WEEK OF CAMP at Ohio Dreams over this summer.  The tie in Expert Class will be decided at The Kitchen Pro/Am on April 22,23 at the #StandwithScotty Pro Am as we had a TIE between Tyler Hill and Brandon Collette. 

Overall Series Points Winners:

Beginner – Jonathan Morrison
Intermediate – David Ousterhouse
Expert – Brandon Collette / Tyler Hill (TIE)
Open – Chase Pauza
Old Fools – Bill Nitschke

Beginner Class Podium

1. Jonathon Morrison (M) 2. Grayden Schneider (R) 3. Luca Facchini

Beginner Class Results:

4. DJ Martin

Intermediate Class Podium

1. Dylan Morrison (M) 2. Grayden Schneider (L) 3. Ben Weber-Kramer (R)

Intermediate Class Results

4.  David Ousterhouse
5.  Louis Kaminski
6.  Ryan Mayo
7.  Jason Timech
8.  Dorian Giordano
9.  Jake Beissman

Expert Class Podium

1. Mathew Schwartz  (M)  2. Jaiden Taylor (L)  3. Trevor Watring (R)


Expert Class Results

4.  Sonti Charles
5.  Aiden Amburgey
6.  Brandon Collette
7.  Tyler Hill

Open Class Podium

1. Alec Liebrock (M)  2. Chase Pauza (L)  3. Juan C. Fernandez (R)

Open Class Results:

4. Hannah Roberts

Old Fools Podium

1. Bill Nitschke (M)  2. Josh Orr (L)  3. Jake Hattaway (R)

Old Fools Results:

4.  Reggie Styles
5.  Rich Hoppe
Honorable Mention - Rene Cote'

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