Stop #2 The Fort Wayne Indoor, Fort Wayne Indiana -Results, Words & Pictures

A view from DJ Dap One’s office for the day!

The Blizzard Battle for Midwest BMX round #2 of the 4 stop winter series started out with actual blizzard conditions this time around.  When you live near Lake Michigan it comes with a “bonus” they call the “Lake Effect” snow.  Basically the snow moves across Lake Michigan as it gains traction and blows 40mph+ winds and snow across half of northern Indiana.  Normal drives from South Bend would typically take 1.5 hours, turned into 4-5 hour drives with completely white out conditions for most of the state.  We delayed the contest an hour for the ones who braved the straight up scary weather conditions.  Some couldn’t even make it out for this round Ie: Nico Vanderheyden, Bill & Brett Banasiewicz.  No matter the conditions outside the course inside was ready to be lit on fire by the riders who made it for this competition.  Huge props out to the crew out of Wisconsin who made a weekend out of the 2nd round battle.


Steve Deese – Andy Hamil – Chad Newman –  Jeremy Wysong – Christopher Noble 

 DJ: Dap One – Photos: Josh Orr

The contest started out with our beginner class.  All 3 riders where 1st timers in the contest scene so the nerves were at work today.  Once they heard their name called they got in the groove and showed off for the crowd as they completed 2 – 30 second runs.  These guys are the future of the sport and they did an amazing job today competing in the Battle for Midwest BMX!  Highlights include a 360 fakie from your winner Aiden Amburgey!

Beginer Podium
1st Place (Middle) Aiden Amburgey – 2nd Place (Left) DJ Martin – 3rd Place (Right) Andrew Mack

The Intermediate Class was stacked deep with entrants as guys and gal competed for a chance to take home the prize packs provided by Dan’s Comp and DK Bikes.  Crowd favorite Clayton Fetters pulled a clean run in round 2 which lead to more points in his quest for the points total.  Austin Wakeman was bumped up from the beginner class and ended up tossing a flip on his last run!  The top 3 managed to stay clean and smash the course enough to impress the judges for a podium.  Our only girl rider, Hanna Roberts snatched up 3rd place, while Hunter Eikhoff cleanly grabs 2nd place.  Congratulations to Reily Kirkpatrick on his creative run that landed him a victory in The Battle for Midwest BMX!

Intermediate Class
1st Place (Center) Reily Kirkpatrick – 2nd Place (Left) Hunter Eikhoff 3rd Place (Right) Hannah Roberts

The Advanced / Open Class was the one that had everyone wanting more.  Over 10 entrants in this class and they all were shifting gears and flying around the Fort Wayne Indoor.  Honorable mentions go to Chris Gerber who blew out a wheel, Jordan Stark came out of early retirement for the occasion, Matt Hakey for leaving the building with bleeding from his knee, & Michael Teal who astonished the crowd by nearly landing on his head after ejecting from a failed flip-whip. Dylan Densow was bumped up from intermediate class ended up getting the 3rd spot with clean 3 whips, a couple of flairs, and overall just some smooth runs.  Jonathan King pulled some crazy bar combo’s and sent it on his last run attempting to pull a bikeflip! Your winner Chase Pauza speed around the Indoor course with style and unmatched flow.  Highlights include: A bar and a tailwhip quarter to quarter transfers over a 12′ gap!   Super glad everyone made it to the park okay, and made it out okay and man did these guys put on one hell of a show!

Advanced Open Podium
1st Place (Middle) Chase Pauza – 2nd Place (Left) Jonathan King – 3rd Place (Right) Dylan Densow

Round #3 coming your way March 21,222 2015 at The Kitchen BMX & Skatepark in South Bend, Indiana.  Save the date and get ready to shred the park the Brett Banasiewicz built!


ftwindoor contest m teal flair
Michael Teal – Flair


ftwindoor contest matt wall
Matt Hakey – At the top of the Wall Ride
ftwindoor contest nacnac
Daniel Hite – Nac Nac
ftwindoor contest super seat
Jonathan King – Superman Seat Grab
ftwindoor contest danny wallslap
Danny Rumple – Wall Slap
ftwindoor contest danny tuck
Danny Rumple – Tuck over the box backwards
ftwindoor contest danny 1ft tab
Danny Rumple One Footed Flatty
ftwindoor contest chase tuck
Chase Pauza -Tuck No Hander


Michael Teal - Topside Foot Plant
Michael Teal – Topside Foot Plant
ftwindoor contest chase bar gap
Chase Pauza – Barspin over the gap
ftwindoor contest chase nac
Chase Pauza – Clicked Nac Nac
ftwindoor contest bike flip
Jonathan King – Bike Flip Attempt

1. Aiden Amburgey
2. DJ Martin
3. Andre Mack


1. Reily Kirkpatrick
2. Hunter Eikhoff
3. Hannah Roberts
4. Austin Wakeman
5. Ian Vondran
6. Clayton Fetters

Advanced / Open Class:

1. Chase Puaza
2. Danny Rumple
3. Michael Teal
4. Jonathan King
5. Daniel Hite
6. Matt Hakey
7. Donnie James
8. Dylan Densow
9. Jordan Stark
10. Chris Gerber

Full Points Update Coming Soon!


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