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Ray’s MTB “Rookie of the Year / King of Rhythm” Update

Here is the day’s schedule for the Contest Kick off in Cleveland, Ohio at Ray’s Mountain Bike Park. Newly added OLD FOOLS CLASS will be held during the KOR Portion of the day with the PRO/OPEN/OLD FOOLS Jam Format Session going down directly after the Rookie Contest!  The Rookie portion of the day will count towards the overall points tally as we move from Cleveland to Fort Wayne, Indiana on February 12, 2015.

Click here to see some pictures from the very last King of Rhythm held at the Flow Skatepark in Columbus Ohio!

Video from Last Year’s Rookie of the Year Contest

The last King of Rhythm Contest in Columbus, Ohio 2011 Video

Click Here to View the on Ray’s Event Page

Ray’s Indoor Bike Park Presents: The Rookie of the Year Amateur & PRO Contest!

Jan 10th in Cleveland

Brought to you by:   Kali Protectives, Red Bull, Hayes, Manitou, Answer, Sun Ringle,

ODI grips, Fox Head, Profile Racing, Tree Bicycle Co, Kink BMX, NoWear

Come ride with your friends, push your limits and show off your skills in our Beginner & Expert contests.

Then watch the biggest moves and the highest transfers of the year in our PRO level jams.

PLUS everyone is invited to enter our Best Transfer, Highest Air, and Footdown contests.

Beginner Class, 3pm

Where: Transferland Jumps

MTB & BMX’rs will battle one another for top spots on the jumps and transfers, excluding the largest line.

Footdown Game, 3:30pm

Where: Transferland flatbottom space

Duck, dodge, and don’t put your foot down! Strategy is key if you’re going to win this one!

Intermediate Class, 4pm

Where: Transferland Jumps

MTB & BMX’rs will battle one another for top spots on the jumps and transfers.

Highest Air, 5pm

Where Transferland Jump (TBA)

How high can you air your MTB or BMX bike? Find out and have some fun while you’re at it!

Pro Level Jam, 6pm with OLD FOOLS CLASS in Jam Format!

Where: Transferland @ Cleveland in the Rhythm Room

Cleveland will host the famous King of Rhythm Contest, presented by

MTB & BMX’rs will battle for the title inside the Tranferland rhythm room

Riders must pay a $30 contest fee, with a cash purse payout.

Wildest Transfer, 7pm
Where: Transferland @ CLE        Transferland & Street Park Bowl @ MKE
MTB & BMX’rs will battle for the wildest trick, transfer, or a combination of the two!
 Awards and Podium Pictures, 7:30
Get ready to see smiling faces, awards, high-fives, and podium pictures go from 7:30 until we’re done!
We can’t wait to see you all here!

By Rich Hoppe

Born and raised in Fort Wayne, Indiana with a serious passion for some BMX! You will find me announcing BMX shows all over the mid-west for Solution Action Sports, Wonder Wheels BMX Team, as well as contests BMX, FMX, and Skateboarding.