Main Parachute Failure – Revisit from 2001!

A skydive gone wrong, and then gone right back to right again.  This type of experience really does get the heart rate up if you are looking to just simply skydive, well that is pretty fun too!

This is actual video from my 20th Skydive. I jumped from 8,000 Feet with a 10 second delay before pulling my main chute, the camera picks me up directly after the chute opens with a “Line-Over”.

Thankfully due to the successful training by the talented folks at Skydive Fort Wayne, AJ the lead instructor on the Mic as he helps guide me down to a safe landing with the much smaller reserve chute. What you don’t see or get to see is directly before the cameraman locked on.  I realized that during the whole mess of the rough opening that the radio channel had gotten switched, all I could hear during until I finally decided to cut away I could not hear AJ until I regained stable flight under the well respected reserve chute!


Spinning out of control at about 65mph before I cut away

Once cut away I went to 120-130mph very quickly and then back to about 35mph in under 3 seconds, what a RIDE!

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