Amatuer Contest! Glenn Salyers Radical The Kitchen

Stop #1 The Kitchen BMX & Skatepark | South Bend, IN

Hank Kujawa stretching a text book Superman Seat-Grab during his way to a victory in South Bends Open Class!


Josh Orr |Brett Banasiewicz |Nate Hecke | Matt Patterson |Jordan Bowen

Words: Rich Hoppe | Photos: Teddy Pieper

The world famous stage was set once again in South Bend, Indiana for the 7th annual “Battle for Midwest BMX” amatuer contest series brought to you by Wonder Wheels BMX and Hoffman Bikes!

The date was 2.22.20 and over 40 riders showed up to stunt in the dead of winter in the park the was built by Brett Banasiewicz and friends. Once notable friend of course was none other than Glenn Salyers. Glenn’s Mother Janice was in attendance for the festivities as we began the contest with a moment of silence for our man Glenn Salyers. (Rest in BMX Heaven)

Beginner Class:

1st Place (M) Ayden Wells | 2nd Place (R) Hailey Robbins | 3rd Place (L) Colin White

Amatuer Contest! Contests Fort Wayne Glenn Salyers The Fort Wayne Indoor The Kitchen

The Battle for Midwest BMX | 2019

Yes indeed BMX fans, it is that time of the year when we start to load up the cannons for the 6th annual Battle for Midwest BMX! This year we are stoked to welcome the Hoffman Sports Association (HSA) as our sanctioning body, and also a brand new sponsor Hoffman Bikes.  We are stoked this year to get the winter park season blasting off!  Bill Nitschke from Wonder Wheels BMX will be helping out and the mic and other administrative orders once again this year also. 

Take a peek at the newly formed guidelines for the series points, and be ready to battle it out for the series winner in each class (excluding open) receives a free week of camp at Ohio Dreams Action Sports Camp.

The Open Class: A Shotgun format, 3 runs overall with the lowest 1/3 removed after each round.  Prize or Cash to be given out to each round winner.  This will encourage all who are just out for the fun and support of this series, and those in support of pure fun and freestyle BMX.

Example: Round 1 – Rad | Round 2 –  Radder |Round 3 – Raddest   

We are looking forward to seeing all of your friendly faces this year.  Follow BFMWBMX on Instagram for more media!

Amatuer Contest! B.R.O.A.D.D.C.A.S.T. Pro / Open The Fort Wayne Indoor The Kitchen

Oddcast B.R.O.A.D.D.C.A.S.T E6|S1

After a 4 month hiatus, Bill & Rich catch up from the past few months worth of contests and skatepark madness! Bill is live, previously recorded coming to you live super fast. This is the 3rd attempt at recording this episode after 2 failures, here we are right in your ear hole. We are all over the place so keep your ears peeled and your eyes on the horizon. Here we Go

Topics: The Fort Wayne Indoor, The Battle for Midwest BMX, The Old School Swap Meet, The Kitchen BFMWBMX Stop, Woodward Old School meetup, Bills Calendar and of course the PSA is Scooters.

We open a skatepark, we do a little Tit for Tat for Brian Leonard from, we talk a little crap, we update, and we originate.

Give us a listen and we can’t wait to catch up with you all on to view the videos and other links from the Bill and Rich Oddcast Broaddcast

JA – Bill & Rich

Give us a listen and we can’t wait to catch up with you all on to view the videos and other links from the Bill and Rich Oddcast Broaddcast

JA – Bill & Rich

Amatuer Contest! Contests Glenn Salyers Pro / Open Radical The Kitchen

Stop #4 – The Kitchen – Beginner, Intermediate, Expert & Girls Coverage

Eddie Rovi Winner Expert Class
Eddie Rovi – Winner Expert Class

The Battle for rages on as we made the trek to South Bend, Indiana to visit the gigantically amazing skatepark the Brett Banasiewicz built nearly 6 years ago.  The fine folks at the kitchen hosted yet another amazing event for both AM’s and the visiting Pros were in town for a crazy finals that went down on Sunday directly after the #RideforGlenn Street Jam.

The weekend was action packed with BMX family’s and supporters alike in attendance.  Saturday we saw all the AM Classes ride, Sunday was Girls, Old Fools, The Glenn Salyers Street Jam, we wrapped the day up with PRO Finals.

Thank all of you who support these events, we plan to make this series bigger and better over the years.

 Beginner / Intermediate / Expert Judges
Josh Orr - Nick Summerlot - Mark Flip

Girls Judges
Josh Orr - Bill Nitschke - Mark Flip
 Photos / Video
Teddy Pieper /

Special Thanks: 
Brett Banasiewicz & The Kitchen Volunteers
Bill Nitschke
The Roberts Family

The Maddog


Amatuer Contest! Contests Pro / Open The Kitchen

The 2015 Kitchen Skatepark Pro/Am – Saturday Coverage of Beginner / Pro Class & Shaun Doss

Brett Banasiewicz

The 4th Annual Kitchen Pro Am got under way on March 21, 2015.  Saturdays events included the Beginner Class, a WCMX demonstration by Shaun Doss, and the highly anticipated PRO Class.  This year was a touch different for the PRO Class as there was no advertised Pro Purse, also this year would be the 1st year for Brett Banasiewicz to ever compete in his hometown contest.  In the years prior, Brett chose not to compete, but to open the doors to his home park for others to use his playground as they see fit.  2013, and 2014 saw Brett’s fight for recovery and the support for the annual contest industry wide was strong.  This year, nearly 2 1/2  years after his horrific accident is the year that Brett would make his comeback to professional competition.


Josh Orr – Jacob Marks – Nick Summerlot – Christopher Noble  – Joey Ross – Jordan Bowen

Photos: Daniel O. Owens 

Amatuer Contest! Contests Ohio Dreams Action Sports Camp Pro / Open Ray's MTB CLE The Fort Wayne Indoor The Kitchen

Points Update: Stop #3 – The Kitchen Pro Am+Girls March 21,22

Pro AM Schedule 3.13.15

The Battle for Midwest BMX and The 4th Annual Kitchen Pro/Am+Girls Classes are in one weeks time!  The 1st two stops have been amazing thus far in the battle for amateur supremacy.  The Kitchen BMX & Skatepark in South Bend is a very special to me personally as it is my favorite BMX Riders very own park.  I am talking about Brett Banasiewicz, the man, the myth the kid who killed contests all over this fine planet of ours year after year.

Radical The Kitchen

The Kitchen BMX & Skatepark Update – January 2015

The Kitchen Logo


I packed the bike and drove up to South Bend, Indiana to see what was going on at The Kitchen BMX & Skatepark.  I interviewed Bill & Brett Banasiewicz to find how the parks fundraising efforts are going, take a peek at this video and please head over to to donate your $5 now!

Contests Ohio Dreams Action Sports Camp Pro / Open Ray's MTB CLE The Fort Wayne Indoor The Kitchen

The Battle for Midwest BMX – 2015 Schedule Announced

2015 Battle for Midwest BMX

Take note of this 2015 Contest Series will be taking place!  Here are the preliminary dates for each contest.  Keep your eyes peeled for more information coming soon!

January 10, 2015 Rays MTB Cleveland, OH -AM Contest “Rookie of the Year”  from 3-6pm with Pro/ Open bringing back the (KOR) KING OF RHYTHM in the Rhythm Room 6-9pm $30 Pro Open Entry – Cash Payout
February 14, 2015 – The Fort Wayne, Indoor, Fort Wayne IN – AM classes Only – Park Opens at 10:30am – Contest Starts at 1pm
March 21/22, 2015 – The Kitchen BMX & Skatepark – Pro/AM  South Bend, Indiana – AM , GIRLS, PRO/OPEN -Times TBA
April 18, 2015 – Ohio Dreams Action Sport Camp – Butler, Ohio – Amateur Classes and Final Points Round Up.  -Time TBA
More Information Comings Soon!  SAVE THE DATES!
Contests The Kitchen

The Recon Tour 2014 – The Kitchen BMX & Skatepark Re-Cap

Danny Rumple - Superflip
Danny Rumple with a Superman Back Fip.
Photo: Recon Tour

The 4th stop on this years Monster Army Recon Tour was held in South Bend, Indiana at the one and only Brett Banasiewicz’s skatepark. The mood was right and the weather cooperated by not turning The Kitchen into an oven as it would be on most Augusts weekends in the mid-west. The day began with a short drive up with Joey Marks (aka Whitesnake), Joey was asked to help judge this contest along with Kris Fox, and Ohio Dreams winner Trent Newkirk.


Contests The Kitchen

The Battle for Northern Indiana – Stop #2 South Bend!

Hannah Cover

Hannah Roberts – Super Clean Tuck No-Hander

 The 1st Annual Battle for Northern Indiana is in the books!  This time we are at The Kitchen BMX & Skatepark in South Bend Indiana, home course of the Maddog himself, Brett Banasiewicz!   I want to personally thank each and every person who helped make this amateur contest series become a reality.