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4 Seasons Skatepark Milwaukee Cancelled

The entire world has been flipped upside down since the last contest at The Kitchen in South, Bend Indiana. We were all stoked to visit 4-Seasons Skatepark in Milwaukee, WI this coming weekend as it is one of the raddest skateparks in the midwest and has remained radical through-out the test of time. (Props to the Crew at 4 Seasons)

We are still waiting the clock out to see if you the world is going to allow us to get the final contest done over at Chenga in Cleveland, Ohio.

Please keep your family and friends safe as we druge through this monumental time in all of our lives. And at this point we can still go outside and RIDE some bikes when the weather permits, stay radical and we hope to see you all in the very near future!

Stay Safe Friends -Rich Hoppe & the entire BFMWBMX crew.

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2.22.20 – The Kitchen BMX & Skatepark

Come ride with the hommies and have some fun on two wheels in South Bend, Indiana at the World Famous Kitchen BMX & Skatepark on Saturday 2.2..20. This is the 1st Stop in the 7th year of the most underground contest game in the business of BMX fun.

Massive Thanks to All of You & Everyone Involved.

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The Battle for Midwest BMX | 2019

Yes indeed BMX fans, it is that time of the year when we start to load up the cannons for the 6th annual Battle for Midwest BMX! This year we are stoked to welcome the Hoffman Sports Association (HSA) as our sanctioning body, and also a brand new sponsor Hoffman Bikes.  We are stoked this year to get the winter park season blasting off!  Bill Nitschke from Wonder Wheels BMX will be helping out and the mic and other administrative orders once again this year also. 

Take a peek at the newly formed guidelines for the series points, and be ready to battle it out for the series winner in each class (excluding open) receives a free week of camp at Ohio Dreams Action Sports Camp.

The Open Class: A Shotgun format, 3 runs overall with the lowest 1/3 removed after each round.  Prize or Cash to be given out to each round winner.  This will encourage all who are just out for the fun and support of this series, and those in support of pure fun and freestyle BMX.

Example: Round 1 – Rad | Round 2 –  Radder |Round 3 – Raddest   

We are looking forward to seeing all of your friendly faces this year.  Follow BFMWBMX on Instagram for more media!

Contests Ohio Dreams Action Sports Camp

Stop #4 Ohio Dreams this Saturday!


We are headed back to Ohio Dreams this Saturday to finish up the Finals one more time in the Battle for Midwest BMX!  I have been all over the place lately and my time has been limited with keeping up on everything.  I will have the series points updated very soon!  See you all Saturday in at Ohio Dreams!



Amatuer Contest! Contests Fort Wayne Glenn Salyers Hannah Roberts Radical The Fort Wayne Indoor

Battle Contest Results, Photos & Video: Stop #1 The Fort Wayne Indoor

Aiden Amburgey Roasts a Flair at The Battle for Midwest BMX | Photo: Matt Hakey


Josh Orr | Brandon Wolferman | Bill Nitschke

Words: Rich Hoppe | Photos: Matt Hakey

Click the Image Below to view the Video by Backyard BMX Co

The th year in The Battle for Midwest BMX officially kicked off in Fort Wayne, Indiana at The Fort Wayne Indoor BMX & Skatepark sponsored by Wonder Wheels BMX &  Summit City Bicycles.  The weekend started off on Friday night with a practice session to help get some of the new folks used to the unique layout inside the Fort Wayne Indoor.

The day began  with a 2.5 hour practice session, Alec Rutherford was attempting to win practice but we never actually judged practice!  After practice ended we  moved straight into the contest.  Beginners were up 1st and the butterflies were tearing up everyone’s stomach for sure.  Once we got the butterflies out, Ethan Webb ended up taking the victory with various 1 footed moves and a few Steve Questa inspired wall rides was enough to take the top spot. Congrats to all the beginners who stepped up and participated in the Battle Contest!

Amatuer Contest! Contests Ohio Dreams Action Sports Camp

Ohio Dreams Battle Video | The 6th Annual Kitchen PRO/AM #Standwithscotty

Ohio Dreams Finals Video | The 2017 Battle for Midwest BMX

Video By: Ryan Mayo

The 2017 Midwest BMX Season doesn’t stop after the Battle Series takes a summer break.  We move on to support a fellow rider who took an incredible crash six months ago and remains in recovery.  We will gather in South Bend, Indiana for help raise some $$’s for Scotty to help defray some of those outlandish hospital bills.   Come on out and support Scotty Cranmer and all the riders at the 6th Annual Kitchen PRO/AM.  #STANDWITHSCOTTY  –  FACEBOOK EVENT HERE


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Finals at Ohio Dreams | Overall Points Updated

This years Battle Series Contest is coming to a head once again as we get geared up to take over Ohio Dreams Action Sports Camp for the Finals on April 8, 2017.  This day is significant to me as it will be my 43 birthday, and I couldn’t imagine spending it with anyone else other than BMX Family!  This year has been nothing short of amazing riding by the over 140 entrants.  The Series Battle in all 3 of the points paying classes is up for grabs as we have some tight ones, keeping in mind that the winners from these 3 classes will receive a free week of Camp compliments of the fine folks over at Ohio Dreams!

Click Here for the Complete Standings  — Click Here for a Google Map to Ohio Dreams

1. DJ Martin - 18 
2. Jonathan Morrison - 17 
3. Gabriel Pearson - 14 

1. David Ousterhouse - 20 
2. Ben Weber-Kramer - 17 TIE
2. Grayden Schneider - 17 TIE

1. Tyler Hill - 21
2. Brandon Collette - 20
3. Sonti Charles - 11

DJ Martin from the 2016 Visit!

Contests Radical Wedgewood Ramps

BFMWBMX |Wedgewood Ramps Stop #3 Results | Video


Josh Orr | Jake Hattaway | Tyler Hill | Alex Leibrock | Trevor Watring | Oliver Foster

Words: Rich Hoppe | Video: Tyler Hill | Photos:

Click here for the 2017 Points Standings 

 April 8, 2017 the Series Finals are at:

Stop #3 began for most with a healthy drive to Wedgewood Ramps in Youngstown, Ohio.  The park is a family owned and ran facility, we were greeted by owner Russell Kaye and his son, Russell Jr.  The Kayes are very warm hearted and super down to earth people, I personally think that everyone should give them high fives for what they do every day for the scene, and for the fine folks in the Youngstown area.

We arrived 15 minutes before the contest was set to start due to some flat tire shenanigans at our lunchtime pit-stop.  Grandpas Cheesebarn in Ashland, Ohio is about half way and the grilled cheese sandwiches from the deli are served on a take home Frisbee,  it’s a must stop if you happen to be in the area.  The Classes were stacked as we had over 50 entrants in total for stop #3, not to mention a posse of family’s and friends from Canada.  Joyride 150 in Toronto is putting out some top-notch up riders and we all love to see them ride and cheer folks at our events.

The Beginner Class was no exception, 16 fine young ones were ready to rock the park as we broke them down to an 8 man final.  In the end the class podium was completely covered with our supporters from the great white north.  Team Canada took home 1,2 and the 3rd spot in beginner, huge thanks to everyone from Canada for supporting some midwest BMX!

Beginner Podium

Amatuer Contest! Contests Glenn Salyers Pro / Open Radical The Kitchen

Stop #4 – The Kitchen – Beginner, Intermediate, Expert & Girls Coverage

Eddie Rovi Winner Expert Class
Eddie Rovi – Winner Expert Class

The Battle for rages on as we made the trek to South Bend, Indiana to visit the gigantically amazing skatepark the Brett Banasiewicz built nearly 6 years ago.  The fine folks at the kitchen hosted yet another amazing event for both AM’s and the visiting Pros were in town for a crazy finals that went down on Sunday directly after the #RideforGlenn Street Jam.

The weekend was action packed with BMX family’s and supporters alike in attendance.  Saturday we saw all the AM Classes ride, Sunday was Girls, Old Fools, The Glenn Salyers Street Jam, we wrapped the day up with PRO Finals.

Thank all of you who support these events, we plan to make this series bigger and better over the years.

 Beginner / Intermediate / Expert Judges
Josh Orr - Nick Summerlot - Mark Flip

Girls Judges
Josh Orr - Bill Nitschke - Mark Flip
 Photos / Video
Teddy Pieper /

Special Thanks: 
Brett Banasiewicz & The Kitchen Volunteers
Bill Nitschke
The Roberts Family

The Maddog


Amatuer Contest! Contests Fort Wayne Kick Ass! Radical The Fort Wayne Indoor

Stop #3 The Fort Wayne Indoor – Results

7 Year old DJ Martin – Winner Beginner Class!

The Battle for Midwest BMX continues at stop #3 in Fort Wayne, Indiana at the Fort Wayne Indoor BMX & Skatepark.  The support was very stong as BMX’ers rolled in from all over the Midwest to show off some BMX Freestyle!

The day began with a meeting with all the riders to go over the format for this years Battle at the Fort Wayne Indoor. We decided to do the 1st run in the street section of the park, then the 2nd two runs in the park section of the skatepark.  We moved the crown from one room to another in order to promote healthy living and also to ensure everyone in attendance got their steps in for the  day.

Thanks to everyone who made it out for some good old fashion BMX and conratulations to the all the competitors at this years Stop #3 in Fort Wayne Indiana!