The Battle for Northern Indiana Stop #1 -Results


Jordan Stark pictured here with a clicked Turn-Down       -Photo: Matt Hakey

The Battle for Northern Indiana lit up the New Republic Skatepark in Fort Wayne yesterday!  Many Thanks to all who braved the horrible road conditions and made it out for Stop #1!  Here are the results from yesterday. Next stop South Bend Indiana at The Kitchen BMX & Skatepark!  Full story with more photos yet to come.

Beginner Class:

1. Nico Vanderheyden

2. Micheal Sigman

3. Blake Young

4. Arron Steele

5. Isaiah Hanner

Expert Class:

1. Dalton Edwards

2. Corbin Pequignot

3. Daniel Hite

4. Hannah Roberts

Open Class

1.  Andy Sizemore 

2. Levi Brand

3. Daniel Hite

4. Wes Huddleston



The Pro Class was Cancelled – We made the best of it, special thanks to all of these amazing Riders for coming out and putting on one heck of a show for everyone!


Jordan Stark – Danny Rumple – Chad Newman – Justin Hardin – Jordan Bowen – Chris Gerber – Karl Poynter – Glenn Salyers – 

Andy Sizemore – Daniel Hite – Wes Huddleston 



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