Ohio Dreams is Saturday!

Stoked to see all of you for this years finals at Ohio Dreams! Make sure to pack your lunch and pack your BMX tricks also for this is one epic place to ride your bike. We are stoked to rock out the last contest of 2019, see you Saturday!

Series Points Update still to come!


Stop #2 Wedgewood Ramps | Youngstown, Ohio


Juan Fernandez clicks one for the Tedisgraphic Lens


Josh Orr |Eric Halferty |Nate Hecke

Words: Rich Hoppe | Photos: Teddy Pieper

The stage was set once again in Youngstown, Ohio for the 6th annual “Battle for Midwest BMX” amatuer contest series brought to you by Wonder Wheels BMX and Hoffman Bikes!

Stop #2 in The Battle for Midwest BMX came with a chilly Saturday afternoon inside Wedgewood Ramps. A few of us decided to hit up The Wheel Mill in Pittsburg, PA the night prior to the contest and for those who have not been we highly recommend it for keeping your BMX mind sane!

The day began as it always does around contest time, people getting as much practice in as possible as we prepped the sound system and prepared for the afternoon of BMX mayhem in Ohio!

Click here for the standings from Wedgewood along with the Series Points Update.

Beginner Class

1st Place (M) Daniel Sinclair | 2nd Place (L) Wyatt Inmon | 3rd Place (R) Justin Frankford


The 2019 Battle Series | Stop #1 The Fort Wayne Indoor


Josh Orr | Brandon Wolferman |Eric Halferty |Nate Hecke

Words: Rich Hoppe | Photos: Teddy Pieper – Matt Hakey

The stage was set once again in Fort Wayne, Indiana for the 6th annual “Battle for Midwest BMX” amatuer contest series brought to you by Wonder Wheels BMX and Hoffman Bikes!

This year was unlike many others in the past due to the fact that it was nearly 50 degrees outside in January. Most of the contests here in the past have netted in folks drive a few extra hours to overcome rough road conditions, but today we provided sun and plenty of fun at The Fort Wayne Indoor Skatepark!

The weekend started out pretty smooth for those who made it out for Friday night for a chill BMX only practice. Saturday morning practice came with a chaotic cloud as everyone got super focused on getting time to practice the runs floating around in their heads. We had a slight mishap with the prizes from Hoffman Bikes and had put pull some fast moves with Fedex, but we made it happen so that everyone could enjoy the fresh prizes from the HB crew!

I want to thank everyone who helps put on these contests before we get into the nitty gritty of the day. 1st off my Mom (Mary Ann), my niece (Katie Marie) for helping out all day behind the counter, my Dad (Jack) for manning the grill on a beautiful 50 Degree Saturday to keeps food in everyone’s belly. Bill Nitschke for helping out for many years, & Mat Hoffman & everyone at Hoffman Bikes. Dan Butler (my partner at the indoor) for making an entire day of it with us. Also to all the volunteers that help out regularly at the park. We do all of this without any type of payment (Yes all of it). We do not get cash for payment, but we do get to share all the memories and experiences with all of you!

Beginner Class

1st Place (M) Wyatt Inmon | 2nd Place (L) Daniel Sinclair | 3rd Place (R) John Bryant


BMX Rap”Hit the Doubles” by Smokin’ Jo

Riding BMX bikes brings you to a point in life when you must make the decision to simply “Hit the Doubles,” as my 30+ year squadmate Smokin’ Joe puts it. Smokin’ Joe Pinckney has been a staple in midwest BMX for the whole entire time. I don’t see him putting the 2 wheeled machine down anytime in our near future. This song brings me back to the basics of BMX when you just have to man up and send it, cheers to Smokin’ Joe for keeping it original, and of course keeping the BMX spirit alive!

He mentions a bunch of references to the history of the sport itself along with some popular BMX names (Mat Hoffman, Chris Moeller, Steve Crandill, Scott Yoquelet, Ron Wilkerson, Joey Marks, Chad Newman, Barney Rubble, Dave Mirra, and many more)

Take a few top peep this out his Soundcloud with even more BMX related tracks along with some other OG tracks. If you see Joe in real life, give that dude a nice sized “High Five” for me.

Amatuer Contest! Contests Fort Wayne Glenn Salyers The Fort Wayne Indoor The Kitchen

The Battle for Midwest BMX | 2019

Yes indeed BMX fans, it is that time of the year when we start to load up the cannons for the 6th annual Battle for Midwest BMX! This year we are stoked to welcome the Hoffman Sports Association (HSA) as our sanctioning body, and also a brand new sponsor Hoffman Bikes.  We are stoked this year to get the winter park season blasting off!  Bill Nitschke from Wonder Wheels BMX will be helping out and the mic and other administrative orders once again this year also. 

Take a peek at the newly formed guidelines for the series points, and be ready to battle it out for the series winner in each class (excluding open) receives a free week of camp at Ohio Dreams Action Sports Camp.

The Open Class: A Shotgun format, 3 runs overall with the lowest 1/3 removed after each round.  Prize or Cash to be given out to each round winner.  This will encourage all who are just out for the fun and support of this series, and those in support of pure fun and freestyle BMX.

Example: Round 1 – Rad | Round 2 –  Radder |Round 3 – Raddest   

We are looking forward to seeing all of your friendly faces this year.  Follow BFMWBMX on Instagram for more media!


How the Power of Visualization helps me Ride BMX!

Take a listen as I discuss how the powers of visualization helps me on an everyday bases to teach myself all kinds of different things in this crazy life.  We take certain things for granted, like they just happen to us, I have learned that you can take control of almost any situation and make it your own after making it a part of your everyday life.

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Go learn some new stuff!


Main Parachute Failure – Revisit from 2001!

A skydive gone wrong, and then gone right back to right again.  This type of experience really does get the heart rate up if you are looking to just simply skydive, well that is pretty fun too!

This is actual video from my 20th Skydive. I jumped from 8,000 Feet with a 10 second delay before pulling my main chute, the camera picks me up directly after the chute opens with a “Line-Over”.

Thankfully due to the successful training by the talented folks at Skydive Fort Wayne, AJ the lead instructor on the Mic as he helps guide me down to a safe landing with the much smaller reserve chute. What you don’t see or get to see is directly before the cameraman locked on.  I realized that during the whole mess of the rough opening that the radio channel had gotten switched, all I could hear during until I finally decided to cut away I could not hear AJ until I regained stable flight under the well respected reserve chute!


Spinning out of control at about 65mph before I cut away

Once cut away I went to 120-130mph very quickly and then back to about 35mph in under 3 seconds, what a RIDE!


Fort Wayne Kick Ass! Mini Ramp

Backyards and Bikes | BMX

Check out a quick little flow session on the backyard mini-ramp with Brandon Wolferman and myself. The basic idea here is to go out and do anything.  Simply put, if your not doing something every single day you have to change your radio station to on that does.

Brandon Wolferman | Age 22 – Insta @WolfieBMX

Rich Hoppe | Age 44 – Insta @Rich.Hoppe

Music: The Mind Sweepers – Laid Back

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Amatuer Contest! Ohio Dreams Action Sports Camp Radical

The Battle for Midwest BMX Finals | Butler, OH – Ohio Dreams

Open Class Mayhem: Video by Brant Moore BMX

The 2018 Battle for Midwest BMX Contest Series is officially in the books.  Once again, thank you to everyone who helped out judging, riding, spectating, driving, running to the coffee shop or simply cheering on the riders!

The Battle Series is all about having some fun while getting to ride some of the Midwest’s best indoor skateparks.  The series is set up to help support indoor parks, and to give folks something to look forward to though-out the sometimes long and nasty winters.  This marks the 5th year in a row for the series and we have remained cool, calm, and most of all we have all had a bunch of fun.  I genuinely appreciate all the newfound friendships and all of the stories and experiences I personally have taken part in over the past 60 months and I thank all of you for sharing them with me.

This is the 3rd year where the Finals took place directly in the middle of nowhere Ohio. (Butler,OH) at the magnificent hidden gem known as Ohio Dreams Action Sports Camp.   We once again had over 30 BMX riders from over 5 states showing up to shred the typically closed to the public indoor playground designed by one Nate Wessel at Ohio Dreams!

I will be working on next seasons schedule, along with possibly some bigger sponsors for next year with possibly some BIGGER prizes!

2018 Series Points Race Overall Winners

Trevor Brayden – Beginner Class | Overall Winner

Greyden Schneider – Intermediate Class | Overall Winner

Aiden Amburgey – Expert Class | Overall Winner

Here are the Podiums from Ohio Dreams

Contests Ohio Dreams Action Sports Camp

Stop #4 Ohio Dreams this Saturday!


We are headed back to Ohio Dreams this Saturday to finish up the Finals one more time in the Battle for Midwest BMX!  I have been all over the place lately and my time has been limited with keeping up on everything.  I will have the series points updated very soon!  See you all Saturday in at Ohio Dreams!