Stop #2 Wedgewood Ramps | Youngstown, Ohio


Juan Fernandez clicks one for the Tedisgraphic Lens


Josh Orr |Eric Halferty |Nate Hecke

Words: Rich Hoppe | Photos: Teddy Pieper

The stage was set once again in Youngstown, Ohio for the 6th annual “Battle for Midwest BMX” amatuer contest series brought to you by Wonder Wheels BMX and Hoffman Bikes!

Stop #2 in The Battle for Midwest BMX came with a chilly Saturday afternoon inside Wedgewood Ramps. A few of us decided to hit up The Wheel Mill in Pittsburg, PA the night prior to the contest and for those who have not been we highly recommend it for keeping your BMX mind sane!

The day began as it always does around contest time, people getting as much practice in as possible as we prepped the sound system and prepared for the afternoon of BMX mayhem in Ohio!

Click here for the standings from Wedgewood along with the Series Points Update.

Beginner Class

1st Place (M) Daniel Sinclair | 2nd Place (L) Wyatt Inmon | 3rd Place (R) Justin Frankford