The 2019 Battle Series | Stop #1 The Fort Wayne Indoor


Josh Orr | Brandon Wolferman |Eric Halferty |Nate Hecke

Words: Rich Hoppe | Photos: Teddy Pieper – Matt Hakey

The stage was set once again in Fort Wayne, Indiana for the 6th annual “Battle for Midwest BMX” amatuer contest series brought to you by Wonder Wheels BMX and Hoffman Bikes!

This year was unlike many others in the past due to the fact that it was nearly 50 degrees outside in January. Most of the contests here in the past have netted in folks drive a few extra hours to overcome rough road conditions, but today we provided sun and plenty of fun at The Fort Wayne Indoor Skatepark!

The weekend started out pretty smooth for those who made it out for Friday night for a chill BMX only practice. Saturday morning practice came with a chaotic cloud as everyone got super focused on getting time to practice the runs floating around in their heads. We had a slight mishap with the prizes from Hoffman Bikes and had put pull some fast moves with Fedex, but we made it happen so that everyone could enjoy the fresh prizes from the HB crew!

I want to thank everyone who helps put on these contests before we get into the nitty gritty of the day. 1st off my Mom (Mary Ann), my niece (Katie Marie) for helping out all day behind the counter, my Dad (Jack) for manning the grill on a beautiful 50 Degree Saturday to keeps food in everyone’s belly. Bill Nitschke for helping out for many years, & Mat Hoffman & everyone at Hoffman Bikes. Dan Butler (my partner at the indoor) for making an entire day of it with us. Also to all the volunteers that help out regularly at the park. We do all of this without any type of payment (Yes all of it). We do not get cash for payment, but we do get to share all the memories and experiences with all of you!

Beginner Class

1st Place (M) Wyatt Inmon | 2nd Place (L) Daniel Sinclair | 3rd Place (R) John Bryant