BMX Rap”Hit the Doubles” by Smokin’ Jo

Riding BMX bikes brings you to a point in life when you must make the decision to simply “Hit the Doubles,” as my 30+ year squadmate Smokin’ Joe puts it. Smokin’ Joe Pinckney has been a staple in midwest BMX for the whole entire time. I don’t see him putting the 2 wheeled machine down anytime in our near future. This song brings me back to the basics of BMX when you just have to man up and send it, cheers to Smokin’ Joe for keeping it original, and of course keeping the BMX spirit alive!

He mentions a bunch of references to the history of the sport itself along with some popular BMX names (Mat Hoffman, Chris Moeller, Steve Crandill, Scott Yoquelet, Ron Wilkerson, Joey Marks, Chad Newman, Barney Rubble, Dave Mirra, and many more)

Take a few top peep this out his Soundcloud with even more BMX related tracks along with some other OG tracks. If you see Joe in real life, give that dude a nice sized “High Five” for me.

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The Battle for Midwest BMX | 2019

Yes indeed BMX fans, it is that time of the year when we start to load up the cannons for the 6th annual Battle for Midwest BMX! This year we are stoked to welcome the Hoffman Sports Association (HSA) as our sanctioning body, and also a brand new sponsor Hoffman Bikes.  We are stoked this year to get the winter park season blasting off!  Bill Nitschke from Wonder Wheels BMX will be helping out and the mic and other administrative orders once again this year also. 

Take a peek at the newly formed guidelines for the series points, and be ready to battle it out for the series winner in each class (excluding open) receives a free week of camp at Ohio Dreams Action Sports Camp.

The Open Class: A Shotgun format, 3 runs overall with the lowest 1/3 removed after each round.  Prize or Cash to be given out to each round winner.  This will encourage all who are just out for the fun and support of this series, and those in support of pure fun and freestyle BMX.

Example: Round 1 – Rad | Round 2 –  Radder |Round 3 – Raddest   

We are looking forward to seeing all of your friendly faces this year.  Follow BFMWBMX on Instagram for more media!