The 2017 Battle for Midwest BMX – Stop #1 The Fort Wayne Indoor | Results | Video

Pro Podium
Open Class Podium
1. Chase Pauza (M) 2.  Nick Fix (L) 3. Scotty Kline (R)

Video by Ryan Mayo


Josh Orr | Scott Yoquelet | Jacob Marks

Chad Newman | Matt Lough | Wes Huddleston

Words: Rich Hoppe | Photos: Teddy Pieper

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The 4th year in The Battle for Midwest BMX officially kicked off in Fort Wayne, Indiana at The Fort Wayne Indoor BMX & Skatepark sponsored by Summit City Bicycles.  The newly renovated park completely came alive on this 7th day of January, 2017.  The atmosphere was ruling and the riders were ripping up the brand new park.

We started out the day by opening at noon and had a very heavy 2 hour practice session which if we did judge, it would have been won by Mr. Nick Fix as he was throwing out some impressive combos and just absolutely shredding the place.  This was by far one of the best contests ever thrown down at the Fort Wayne Indoor and I for one am beyond stoked on how many folks showed up to ride and we have a healthy crowd of spectators through-out the afternoon. Our hats are off to the 14 Open riders who made the trek to Fort Wayne to simply shred and have some fun with our BMX Family!

Beginner Class Podium 

1.  Dj Martin (M) 2. Emilio Kidd (R) 3. Trevor Braden (L)

Intermediate Class Podium

Intermediate Class
1. David Ousterhouse (M) 2. Ryan Mayo (R) 3. Joey Glover (L)

Expert Class Podium

Expert Class
1. Tyler Hill (R) 2. Brandon Collette (M) 3. Sonti Charles (R)

Old Fools Podium

1. Bill Nitschke (M) 2. Jake Hattaway (L) 3. Rich Hoppe (R
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