Amatuer Contest! The Fort Wayne Indoor

Stop #2 The Fort Wayne Indoor, Fort Wayne Indiana -Results, Words & Pictures

A view from DJ Dap One’s office for the day!

The Blizzard Battle for Midwest BMX round #2 of the 4 stop winter series started out with actual blizzard conditions this time around.  When you live near Lake Michigan it comes with a “bonus” they call the “Lake Effect” snow.  Basically the snow moves across Lake Michigan as it gains traction and blows 40mph+ winds and snow across half of northern Indiana.  Normal drives from South Bend would typically take 1.5 hours, turned into 4-5 hour drives with completely white out conditions for most of the state.  We delayed the contest an hour for the ones who braved the straight up scary weather conditions.  Some couldn’t even make it out for this round Ie: Nico Vanderheyden, Bill & Brett Banasiewicz.  No matter the conditions outside the course inside was ready to be lit on fire by the riders who made it for this competition.  Huge props out to the crew out of Wisconsin who made a weekend out of the 2nd round battle.


Steve Deese – Andy Hamil – Chad Newman –  Jeremy Wysong – Christopher Noble 

 DJ: Dap One – Photos: Josh Orr